About Me


In 2012, Madeleine was signed off work due to exhaustion depression. At that point, both body and soul had given up, and she couldn't find her way out of the darkness. The journey back has been long, but today she feels enormous gratitude for having gone through it, and for the advice she received from doctors and psychologists – to start painting, to do something creative. Painting became her fresh start and also a great passion in life. It's no longer just a hobby but is now Madeleine's full-time occupation.

"Finding one's passion so late in life feels like a gift. What I didn't know then was how appreciated my art would become and how quickly it would spread both in Sweden and abroad."

Her major breakthrough came when she first exhibited at Ulfsunda Castle in 2014, along with her fellow artist, Karin Holmström. Together, they form the duo KarMa art. The exhibition was a huge success, with both artists nearly selling out their art at the opening.

The most talked-about paintings she has created are the ones Pernilla Wahlgren blogged about, and which the artist now has hanging in her home on Lidingö and in her home away from home in Marbella.
The paintings appear frequently in the popular Swedish reality series "Wahlgrens Värld".
"I LOVE my paintings by my favorite artist," she writes in her blog and on Instagram.

You recognize Madeleine's art by its various female portraits and female bodies, as well as a good amount of abstract and animal motifs. She paints figuratively with warm, cheerful colors, and mostly with acrylics, and likes to mix in different accessories.
Madeleine was born in 1977 and is married to Christian Elofsson. They have two children.

Madeleine is self-taught, except for a distance course in painting at ArtistLab.

A list of exhibitions where you have the opportunity to meet Madeleine: Exhibitions